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When in doubt, wear it.

Kendle Starcher

A little backstory.

I know, shocker. But whatever, this is my blog and I can write whatever I want. Anyways, a few months ago I was working my booth at the "Small Business Saturday" event in Charlotte the day after Black Friday. Beside me was this adorable boutique, Five13 Studio, and she had two racks full gorgeous sequined jumpsuits and tops and dresses and this skirt, all at incredible prices. I made the promise I always do, Don't go shopping until you've made back your booth fee. When you're surrounded by amazing makers and shop owners, you have to have some kind of rule for yourself or you'll go crazy shopping. All day long this skirt stared at me until finally, and $20 later, it was mine. Best. Purchase. Ever. I toted it home and hung it in my closet just waiting for the perfect opportunity to pull it out. 

Every morning for two months that skirt stared at me. Waiting. I just never found the perfect moment. The weather was going to be too cold, the event too casual, me too chicken. Until the morning of Wednesday Feb 1. I was sitting in bed checking the weather and saw that it was going to be 70 degrees. This is it. Paired with my "Cabernet All Day" tee that my sweet friend gave me for Christmas and a Chambray button up tied at the waist (because I do still work in an office, it's chilly in there) and my black strappy sandals, I was ready. Luke was having to go in late that day so he was actually home for once while I was getting ready. It's been years now since he's questioned my outfits so he just looked me over, kissed me and told me to have a good day without any other comments. 

These are a few things I noticed that day.

1. I glided. 

For real. There's just something about wearing a full floor length ballgown skirt and heels that makes it impossible not to. Suddenly I wasn't just tromping through the Atrium on my way back to my desk after snagging a few forks from the cafeteria. No, I was a super star in Milan. True Life.

2. There was a surprising amount of negativity. 

None. Really. I was honestly expecting to get a few comments or looks. In an office where casual is King and jeans and sneakers are winning the day, my skirt and heels did not really blend in. Sure there was a few sassy comments from my friends, "Where are you going in that get up?" "Who wears a ball gown to work?", but they were always followed with an approving smile or a "That takes balls". If anything, I had more people I did not know, (read: had never even noticed in the building before) stop me to tell me how beautiful my skirt was. It's such a validating feeling.

3. My heels never started to hurt.

I'm seriously not lying. Or maybe I am just a little. Although, you go put on an incredible outfit that demands just a little bit of height and dare yourself to not wear the heels. You can't do it. Girl struggle at it's finest. 

4. I wish I had 10 more.

With the skirt being such a statement that it is, it's not something you can wear that often. Don't want to shine to wear off. However, I want to. This skirt has been inspiring all sorts of new DIY projects in my head. I feel like I need a tulle one, a white one, one with a fun dramatic slit, maybe one in a bolder kind of pattern. 

Moral of the story is, in a world where everyday feels like a struggle to belong and fit in and survive, it was nice to just be myself. We spend all of our time facing serious issues, like our new president and potential job layoffs and paying mortgages and having to rebuild the transmission in your car and thinking far enough ahead in advance to buy groceries then turn the groceries into something edible every night. It was nice to just feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. A skirt's not gonna change the world, but it changed the way I felt about myself and my outlook for the day and that was enough for me. Whatever it is that makes you feel the same way, you should do it, wear it, visit it, savor it often. You deserve it. 

If you do happen to be like me, and the best way to turn your day around is with a great outfit, I've linked my items below. 

You should note, I got home while the sun was still out -which is rare!- and was feeling myself so here ya go. Cheers to self timers! hahaha

You should note, I got home while the sun was still out -which is rare!- and was feeling myself so here ya go. Cheers to self timers! hahaha

Here's to Happiness, loves!

May it find us, but may we also find it.