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Here’s looking at you, 29.

Kendle Starcher

    In my head this started as a list of 29 things I’d learned in my 29 years and I was going to drop some serious knowledge on you guys. But then I realized 29 things is a really long list and what kind of knowledge do I even have? I’m still too young to really know anything, heck I’m not even sure what health insurance I have or what the password is to my 401k account. I don’t have kids and the topic of daycare among my friends continues to blow my mind. But I realize how old I am when I get around people younger than me, I’m not on the dating scene, in fact I skipped the online dating thing altogether. I own my own home, I do meal planning and suddenly spend more time worrying if I have enough in my savings account than what I’m going to wear tomorrow (which believe me, has always been my #1 concern). I’m caught somewhere in this adult-ish middle. So what the heck kind of knowledge can I even drop?

So instead, here’s a short list of guidelines for when I'm needing a reminder. 

5.) Pick a lane, and stay in it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda from “Hamilton” was being interviewed on 60 Minutes one time and they asked him what he thought his secret to success was. See he had gone to Juilliard and had been surrounded by all these kids who could sing and dance and write music and were insanely talented and he knew he was not the most talented there. So why was he the one with the hit broadway musical and not one of them? His answer was simple, “I knew what I wanted out of life and I just started running in that direction.”


4.) If you can't say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  

Not gonna lie, I’m bad at this. My parents and I have gone toe to toe on this little tidbit of vital info. There’s a little sliver of me that loves to be the queen of mean. It’s not good though. It’s cost me a lot of respect and relationships and honestly, my initial mean opinion of people has turned out to be wrong more times than not. 


3.) Stop worrying about how “busy” you are.  

So stop by and visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while on your way home one day. Dinner might be a few minutes late that night but who cares. Swing through your grandparents’ house more. You know you can catch that TV show online tomorrow and no one is going to love it more than your grandpa anyway. Call your mom. Run errands with your dad. Ask your brother about his new job. You’re really only as busy as you make yourself out to be and let’s be real, unless you’re saving babies or curing cancer, you can probably spare a few minutes. 


2.) Be Kind.  

See #4. But don’t just bite your tongue, change your mind. Say nice things to people and yourself and mean them. Be conscious of your surroundings and what’s going on in other people’s lives. It’s not all about you.  


1.) Be brave enough to go it alone, but smart enough to keep your friends in tow. 

This is the biggest one. 

You are fierce and strong all by yourself. But you are unstoppable when there's a handful of people who love you standing behind you and pushing you to keep going. Those girlfriends you've had since elementary school? They've already seen you at your worst, and they still love you anyways. They're rare gems and more valuable than diamonds. That friend that listens to all your half-baked business ideas and doesn't tell you you're crazy? You need her. You'd be lost without her. One day soon the two of you are going to change the world. The girls that sit on the other side of the cubicle and send you encouraging IM's and funny gifs before that big meeting you've been stressing about? The world would be sad and lonely without them. Whatever you do, wherever you go, just make sure you take your friends with you.

Ok, so 5 is better than 29. Sorry not sorry it's still a little long winded and for the heavy use of gifs.

Here's to 29! And to staying 29 forever because I don't handle change well and there's no way I'll be turning 30 in 364 days. 

All my love, 



For some reason I kept getting a glare that made me look like an angel, I don't hate it.