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The Christmas Rush

Kendle Starcher

Earlier this year, (think August) I was talking with my best friend from college about finding time to come visit. She had just had her second baby and I needed to establish my role as Favorite-Aunt-of-All-Time ASAP. Looking at the calendar, and between craft shows and pre-planned family trips and her husband’s work schedule, we finally decided I would come to town the first weekend in December. 

(I want it noted that there used to be a time when the two of us would pack a sandwich and some sunscreen and spend whole days on the beach with less than a minute of planning. But as always, time gets away from us again.)

As the months continued on, I was getting busier and busier and the tiniest sliver of me kept saying, “that’s gonna be a really bad time to not be home making jewelry.” After all, it is the first true Christmas season for my little business and next weekend will be my biggest and last show, what if I don’t have enough made? I even entertained the thought of canceling for just a minute.

But then I realized, the next time I see her babies, they might not be babies anymore. They might not come running to greet me at the door and just lay in my lap and snuggle. And it wasn’t entirely just about 2 of the cutest kids on the planet, I missed my friends. I miss catching up on their lives and the people we’re growing up to be. You can only stay so in touch through text message and with her being a mom of two and me trying to start a business, we really aren’t even good at attempting. So on Friday, I made the journey east. My house is in complete disarray, and maybe I truly don’t have enough jewelry made for next week’s craft show, but what I can be sure of, is that my soul is happy. I got to spend 36 hours with people I love and It. Was. Worth. It.

So maybe you’re like me and you needed just a little reminder, Christmas isn’t about rushing around, hosting the perfect party and buying up pretty things. (Maybe that’s odd coming from a girl who’s trying to make a living selling really pretty jewelry, but whatever.) It’s about looking around at what you have and being so so grateful for every bit of it. It’s about love and grace and joy and snuggles. All the snuggles.  

All my love,